Bubble Ball

Clearly, this is a fun game to play. People who play soccer all the time find it a fun variation on a game they love, pushing them to develop new strategies for passing and scoring, and those who have never played soccer before relish a game that is a combination of bumper cars, pillow fighting, and sumo wrestling on a field with teams and a goal and a ball.

The game is especially popular as a company team-builder, and as an icebreaker at corporate retreats It gets everyone laughing, and vents tensions in a positive, enjoyable way.

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 Bubble Ball Soccer

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Bubble Ball Carolina Indoor Sports


Bubble Ball Games 

V.I.P. (very important person)

This is one of the more popular bubble ball games we do. First, split the players into two teams. One player from the first team is selected to be the V.I.P and the rest of the team acts as bodyguards protecting him all the way to the other side of the field. Team two of course is then trying to knock the V.IP. to the ground before he/she can get there. If team one gets the V.IP. across the field safely they get a point. However, if team one fails then team 2 gets the point. That means no round goes without a point. The catch is if team one fails, then team two goes on offense (i.e picks a V.I.P.) from their team. Rounds are timed (5 min.), so be quick about it!

Last Bubble Ball Standing

Play is started with a whistle. All players fend for themselves. If you get knocked off your feet, you must head to the sideline until the next round. The final Bubble ball left on their feet wins!

Middle Man

You start with a single person in the middle of the field. The rest of the players all line up on one end of the field/court. After the whistle, everyone along the one sideline run to the opposite side. The middle man must try to knock as many down as he/she can. Those that get knocked down join the middle man. Play continues until one is left standing.

 Sumo Ring

Cones are placed in a big circle and everyone stands inside. The moderator/referee blows the whistle and the players all try to bump each other out of the ring.  The Winner is the last one in the ring.

 Bubble Ball Bowling

You must be brave ( I recommend shutting your eyes)!  One person acts as the bowling ball (often the person getting married or the birthday person) and everyone else stands in a bowling pin formation and acts as the "pins". The "bowling ball" runs full speed at the "pins" to knock them down with the objective of knocking everyone down in 2 tries. It works best in a 5 pin formation and no one can move, hence the eye shutting recommendation.

Old school "500"

A soft ball (as in squishy) is hurled into the air with an assigned value and the objective is to catch to collect points. Since you don't have accessible hands, you have to catch it through the top of the bubble while avoiding being knocked off the catch from other players. The First to 500 wins. 

Bubble Ball